Joe Myers - Drums / Percussion

Joe Myers was born at the US Embassy Medical Center  in Liberia in West Africa. Son of a NATO service pilot and a USO entertainer, he attended the Agape National Academy of Music as a young child, where he studied African drumming and percussion. Upon his return to the United States, Myers worked as a public speaker and social advocate. He toured the east coast on the “Brambles: My Time in the Bush“ tour before completing his college degree. It was on this tour that Myers launched his career in music after meeting his longtime idol, Henry Rollins. Rollins introduced him to the members of The Pocket-Sized Aardvarks, a Batavia, NY based alt-rock band. Myers has since performed and recorded with bands such as God Hates Kansas, JFKFC, The Skankersaurs, Rectal Dentistry, Some Assembly Required, Honey Pollution, The Spirit of Ontario, Kicking Dogs for Distance, Something Else, Violet Mary, The John Denver Fanclub, The Eddie Memphis Trio, and 80s Europop Band, Depeche Mode on their Ultra Parties Tour in 1997. When asked, Myers said, “Do you have flood insurance?”